Animal Physiotherapy at TVH


Toowoomba Veterinary Hospital now offers Canine Physiotherapy following your dog's surgery, to ensure optimal rehabilitation of your canine companion. Just like people require physiotherapy to help them in rehabilitation after surgery, dogs benefit from the physiotherapist's help in addressing compensations in gait and movement, reduction in pain, and restoration of muscle activation. You, as the dog's owner, will be supplied with a home program of exercises and/or stretches for your dog. Physiotherapy is offered in-house at TVH, by Dr Lesley Goff, one of Australia's leading animal physiotherapists.


In house fees:  2 x treatments total cost $200


In house physiotherapy at TVH is the preferred way of providing rehabilitation for your dog because:

(a) this enables the physiotherapist and the vets to discuss your pets treatment at the time of your appointment.

(b) it is more time and cost effective than having the physiotherapist come to you. You will save around $20-$30 per physiotherapy visit.

 Following your dog's surgery, your vet will recommend whether your dog may benefit from Physiotherapy.


If you have any queries regarding physiotherapy for your canine companion, visit

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