Casper's strange addiction!

A pack of the offending bullets

Paul and Casper post surgery number 3!

We all love dogs but have to agree they are not very discriminating when it comes to what they will put in their mouth and swallow. Over the years at TVH we have removed all sorts of weird and wonderful objects that were causing gut obstructions in dogs. As well as the usual corn cobs, avocado seeds and balls of all shapes and sizes we have also surgically removed toys, football socks, ladies underwear and other unmentionables that dogs have swallowed.

Cats on the other hand are far more discerning on what they will swallow... that is most cats!

We occasionally see cats that will chew on cotton or wool and end up with a linear foreign body that can cause an obstruction and saw into the wall of their intestine. Then there is Casper.

Casper first presented to TVH last October as a 6 month old kitten. He had been vomiting and off his food for 24 hours. He had a very painful tummy and was dehydrated. Casper's best buddy was a young boy who loved playing with his Nerf gun. Unfortunately Casper liked to help him find the Nerf bullets, bat them around the floor and chew on them. One of these bullets had become lodged in his small intestine and caused a complete obstruction.

After surgery and a couple of days in hospital on a drip Casper went home as good as new. That was until November when he presented again with exactly the same clinical signs. Casper had found another nerf bullet and the temptation had been too great - he swallowed that one as well.

More surgery and all went well... until February this year! Casper's buddy had got rid of the nerf gun, but guess what? Casper had found one stray bullet under the couch and could not help himself.

After 3 major abdominal surgeries in four months Casper is doing fine but we are keeping our fingers crossed that there is not another nerf bullet out there with his name on it!

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