Annual vaccinations and check-ups for pets

Why do I need to vaccinate my pet?

Vaccinations provide antibodies against diseases that are contagious and can be life-threatening to your pet. Your animal is exposed to these diseases during its lifespan and being vaccinated can mean the difference between survival or death for your beloved pet. Vaccinating your pet helps it live a longer, healthier life and is your responsibility as a pet owner. Keeping up to date with vaccinations means that other animals that interact with your pet are less likely to pick up the disease as it also protects your family.

When should you vaccinate?

Your puppy or kitten will need to be vaccinated at 8 weeks for a puppy and 9 weeks for a kitten with a second vaccination around 4 weeks later. There should be an annual booster vaccination given every year thereafter.

Your pet should also have an annual check-up at this time to make sure he or she is in good health. If your pet has health issues, more regular check-ups may be scheduled.