Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service

What is AQIS-Quarantine?

People who are emigrating for a short period or permanently will need to meet the requirements of bringing in a pet in to the country. Your pet will need to undergo certain tests, have vaccinations and possibly other treatments before you will be able to take your pet to another country. There are a number of regulations to be followed when taking an animal out of Australia. The vet who does the inspection and treatment needs to be certified by the AQIS. If you are returning after a period of time, you will also need to check the importation or re-importation regulations for certain animals. There are permits required in this regard and some animals cannot be brought in to Australia or brought back in to Australia once exported.  You will probably need a microchip as well before the testing is done.

Why use an accredited vet?

The export rules and regulations can be quite complicated and vet checks that are not done by accredited vets may not be accepted as being valid. An accredited vet knows the procedures, tests and examinations required and is certified to assist with AQIS-Quarantine and inspection.