Chemotherapy for pets

What is chemotherapy?

It is always sad to hear that your pet has cancer. In the past this would have been a death sentence in almost all cases. Today there is a lot that can be done to treat many types of cancers and prolong the life of your pet.  Chemotherapy is one such treatment that can be done to improve the prognosis and help your pet live a longer life that would otherwise be the case due to cancer. This is an ongoing treatment which may also include radiation therapy or surgery or on it’s own. Chemotherapy is used in treating osteosarcoma, haemangiosarcoma, lymphoma, some cases of melanoma, multiple myeloma, mast cell tumours and transitional cell carcinoma.

What options are available?

Today there are a number of different options that are used to treat a vast array of cancers. These include :

  • Molecularly targeted agents or inhibitors
  • High dose agents and protocols
  • Continuous low dose agents and protocols
  • Combination protocols
  • Sequential protocols

We will assess your pet, run all the necessary tests and advise on the best treatment going forward. Treatment is done on an individual basis based on the type of cancer, progression as well as health of your pet.