Lyric - 10 months

Hi, it's me again... Lyric! I LOVE mealtimes and have started drooling and kneading my claws in and out to demonstrate my excitement. It makes mum laugh so much. I still get carried away and think the whole world belongs to me... I take things off the counter top, the laundry basket, the bathroom vanity and not forgetting mum's bedside table. The biggest change mum says is that I have learnt that if mum says "leave" something I have in my mouth, I do spit it out (well most of the time - sometimes I run into the garden with it while mum chases me - it's so much fun!). Mum is really careful putting shoes away because I always seem to find them. So far I have chewed up five pairs... Oops!

Mum tells me I am very good at knowing the difference between "working" and wearing my little blue training coat, and when I comes to being a normal dog again. I behave in a calm and confident manner when I am in my coat. I am so good that mum has taken me to two schools to introduce me to the children and teach them about Seeing Eye Dogs. The children were only 4 and 6 years old but I knew just how to behave myself and when Mum took my coast off to allow the children to pat me, I kept my behaviour nice and calm. I know that little children get nervous of dogs. But I did roll onto my back for a tummy rub and the kiddies loved that!

Lyric - 8 months

'It seems Lyric has developed a rather unfortunate passion for chocolate! He has fallen in love with the smell of it as a result of my huge passion for eating chocoate and is always trying to sneak a bite - and of course as chocolate is toxic to dogs his passiion will never be satisfied! He tries to climb on my lap whenever I am eating some, and when I push him off he sits at my feet starting at me with a pathetic look on his face - all I can do is laugh!.

Lyric loves to work - all I have to do is shake his lead and even if he is on the other side of the garden he comes running and is always happy and eager to go out. He loves travelling in the car and is willing to go anywhere and do anything I ask of him. His toiletting is excellent and he  is in a good, predictable routine which makes training really easy - I never have to worry about him having an accident while out and about. And if he does need to go, he always gives a good signal!'

Lyric IN the table he used to lay on as a much smaller pup!

Lyric - 7 months!

Update from Michelle, Lyric's carer:

'Lyric is such a sweetheart, but quite naughty (in the nicest possible, puppy kind of way!) - I call him Lyric the Larrikin as he is always getting up to mischief but watching me out of the corner of his eye to see if I can see what he is doing! He is growing into such a big goy - 28kgs last time I weighed him!

Lyric is 7 months old now, and has learnt pretty much all of his commands - most of my work is consolidation to make sure they are all fixed in his brain. So from an obedience point of view, he is able to sit, down, stay, up and stand still all on command. From a training point of view he knows left, right, over, keep in, back, steady (to slow down) and hup hup to speed up.

We had a bit of a wobby time two weeks ago when he suddenly decided out of nowhere to refuse to enter any shops, shopping centres, cafes etc - with the exception of the bottle shop! Typical boy - doesn't like shopping or going for coffee! However with some patience, a sense of humour, and determination I managed to convince the boy that shopping was a good thing and he now happily trots alongside me as though he had never been afraid.

I have a new SEDA puppy - her name is Romey and she arrived last week. Lyric took a day or two to get used to having her in the house, but they are now the best of friends and he is so gentle with her. It is really cute to watch them together.'



Lyric with Romey

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