Why Pet Insurance?

As with most industries, prices in the verterinary world are always increasing. Increased wages, higher wholesale prices and professional indemnity insurances mean that prices always creep up. It is very easy now days to get a bill of $1,000 – $1,500 at your vet and if specialist treatment is required bills of up to $10,000 are not uncommon. Bloods tests, xrays, anaesthetics, fluids, surgery, medication and hospitalisation all mean that a final bill can be higher than expected. At TVH, we are constantly put in the position where we cannot give appropriate treatment to a patient due to financial constraints. This frustrates both us and the owners and is obviously detrimental to the patient.

We understand that everyone puts a different “value” on their pets but it is nice for all concerned if we can provide the best care for all patients. In many cases, people don’t have a spare $1000 at their disposal. This is why pet insurance is becoming much more popular.

What to consider...

As with most insurances, there are varying degrees of cover and as such costs associated. Some policies cover for accident and illness and others are more expansive. There are some policies that reimburse the client and others that will pay the vet direct. Excellent cover can be obtained from around one dollar a day. As with most things, take the time to research a policy.

Important things to check for are the excess, the amount that will be covered and any age or breed restrictions. Be sure to read the fine print and look for any details regarding pre-existing conditions or breed specific problems that may not be covered. Many of our home insurers will also cover our pets. Again be sure to research these as many only cover for up to $500 which these days is very quickly surpassed.

We receive no financial reward from insurance companies if you insure your pet. We only benefit when we can provide the appropriate care for a patient without having to worry about the costs incurred.

More information...


Pet Plan have a special offer of 4 WEEKS FREE PET INSURANCE for your puppy or kitten. This offer is available for pets from 8 weeks of age and before their 1st birthday following a health check with a vet at our practice. Cover for injury or accident starts immediately however cover for illness starts 72 hours after the free insurance is activated.


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