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Have a Pet To Board? Toowoomba Vet recommends boarding with Paradise Pet Retreat You can read a bit about them below or visit their website:


Grooming Dog grooming is important not just for the dashing look of our pets, but also for their health when they have longer coats.

New Pets

Getting A New Pet! It's so exciting bringing a new animal friend into your home, but you know that he or she needs the

Farm Animals

Farming: Large And Small Holdings We provide high standard specialist farm veterinary services to small holdings and large commercial operations surrounding the Toowoomba area.


What is the process? In general, consultations are by appointment. You will need to fill out your information on arrival if it is your


Our surgery We operate a sterile, well set-up surgery for routine surgeries as well as those that may be a little more complex. This


When do you need to check your pet's teeth? Healthy teeth and gums are very important to ensure the long term health of your


Why microchip your pet? A microchip can mean the difference between finding your lost pet and having him or her safely returned to you


What is pathology? Pathology is using various methods to figure out what is causing an illness or injury as well as it's effects on


What is radiology? Digital radiology refers to X-rays which may be taken of your pet after a thorough physical examination. This can be done


What is an ultrasound? An ultrasound is a form of diagnostic imaging that allows a vet to see inside your pet's body to make

AQIS – Quarantine

What is AQIS-Quarantine? People who are emigrating for a short period or permanently will need to meet the requirements of bringing in a pet


What is meant by dermatology in relation to a pet? There are many diseases that can affect the skin of an animal.  Many of


What is chemotherapy? It is always sad to hear that your pet has cancer. In the past this would have been a death sentence


Why use acupuncture for your pet? Acupuncture is an alternative treatment which can be used for pain relief as well as to stimulate the


What is orthopaedics? Orthopaedics refers to treatment, repair and support of bones and ligaments. This can include pinning, plating and even joint reconstruction. Orthopaedic


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Dietary counselling

Choosing the Food For Your Pet All pets have different habits, personalities, and preferences. This applies to food as well depending on your pets breed,

Puppy Preschool

Forming good habits early. When pups are still small and cute, people sometimes forget how important early training will be later on. You don’t

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