Apoquel is a novel treatment that provides fast and safe relief from itching and inflammation without many of the side effects seen with other medications.


It is a prescription medication which must be prescribed by your Vet. Previously, the only available treatment that would provide dogs with rapid relief from itching was steroids.


Apoquel is the only treatment specifically designed to go straight to the source of the dog's itch with minimal negative impact on the body. It starts to relieve the itch within 4 hours and effectively controls the itch within 24 hours.


Unlike other treatments, Apoquel targets the itch signal in the nervous system while having minimal negative impact on the immune system. Apoquel also allows your Vet to continue to diagnose the underlying cause of the itch while providing your dog with relief.


If your pet is suffering from itchy skin, call us to arrange a consultation with one of our Vets who will be delighted to recommend a course of action based on their examination.

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