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Kokoda Challenge 2015 !!

Dr Paul Sheedy, Dr Louis Gilshenan, Dr Sasha Laws-King, Tiffany Collins and Gemma Hunt all completed the Kokoda Challenge this year raising much needed funds for young people!!

It took place in the beautiful Redwood and Jubilee Parks, the route started at Webb Park where competitors descended off the escarpment along bridle trails in Redwood Park down towards the Warrego Hwy. Testing competitors stamina passing through a checkpoint the steep climb begins up the picturesque Redwood Forest Walk to peak at Prince Henry Heights before plunging down the northern side into Jubilee Park. Another check point at the bottom starts the leg burning return journey back up the escarpment to Webb Park. The 30km event participants needed to complete these challenging hills twice pulling on all their courage and endurance in the Spirit of Kokoda. congratulations to Dr Sheedy & Dr Laws-King who both completed the 30K challenge!!!

Peak to Park for Melanoma!

Thank you SO much to everyone that supported Dr Sasha and Tiffany for their epic 10km run in the cow suits!! All up we raised $2124.60 for the Melanoma Foundation, to help raise awareness and hopefully one day find a cure, for this all too common and devastating disease. Special thanks to Dr Jodi and Dr Zoe from Pittsworth Vet Surgery who helped us fundraise and joined the herd on the day!

Colour Vibe!

Dr Paul, Dr Sasha, Tiffany, Chantal and family participated in the inaugrable Colour Vibe running event which was held in Toowoomba recently. This event raised much needed funds for Global Care – assisting drought affected families throughout Australia.

It was a remarkably successful event raising over $250,000 for such a great cause. They all stood out from the crowd in their animal-themed costumes!

Much fun and laughter was had by all !!!


Delta Therapy Dogs

Delta Dog Ivy

Delta Therapy Dogs is a heartwarming program that brings the joy of animal companionship to those who need it most. Delta's amazing and devoted volunteer Therapy Dog Teams brighten the lives of an estimated 20,000 Australians in hospital and care facilities every week.

Our world class program is the largest of its kind in Australia with over 1000+ volunteers and their special dogs making regular visits to health care facilities to offer the wonderful benefits of pet therapy, spend time with patients and offer a chat, a floppy ear to listen and a paw to shake.

You can find out more about Delta Therapy Dogs here and we will post regular updates about Ivy and Tess' volunteer work.


Seeing Eye Dogs

After seeing the significant contribution a Seeing Eye Dog makes to some of our client's lives, we decided to become a puppy sponsor.  Our pup, Lyric was born 16th November 2012 and is currently living with a Volunteer carer in Brisbane. Lyric's mum, Abby, is a Golden Retriever and his dad, Alfie was a chocolate labrador. Over a 12 month period, his carer (Michelle) will teach Lyric basic obedience skills and will get him used to different environments.

When Lyric turns one, he will be tested and if he passes he will head off to training school for intensive months of learning to walk in a harness, cross roads and guide a person through varied environments.

Upon completion of training, Lyric will be matched with a companion who is blind or has low vision. The pair will spend up to four weeks in intentive training learning to work together as a team.

We will receive regular photos, letters, updates and even visits from Lyric and will keep you updated on his progress!

Lyric, 8 weeks old

AEIOU Foundation

On Sunday March 10, 2013, the Toowoomba Vet Hospital team participated in the third annual Take a Hike Toowoomba challenge to raise funds for children with autism. Spanning 40 kilometres over nine hours, us and a team of hikers set out at 4am on this challenge to help eliminate the funding deficit at AEIOU Foundation’s Toowoomba Centre and change the lives of children with autism in Toowoomba and the Darling Downs.

Autism impacts families emotionally, financially and socially.  Early intervention gives children the building blocks, and coupled with support over a child’s lifetime, we can break the bubble of autism and pave the way for school, employment and greater independence and change the trajectory of their lives.

Around 90% of children who complete the program at AEIOU are able to communicate functionally, and around 73% of children transition to mainstream schools. All children are supported to reach their maximum life potential.

Please donate to our fundraising page.  Our goal is to raise $3000 and we still have a little way to go.  Take a Hike was a huge mental and physical challenge but in comparison to the daily challenges faced by children with autism it was a truly rewarding experience. You can make a difference too, so please give generously.

Team TVH - Ali, Paul, Em, Tiff, Ruth & Sasha


Toowoomba Veterinary Hospital is a big supporter of any organisation that supports the welfare of animals, particularly the RSPCA. 

As a team, we participate in the Millions Paws Walk each year and help out with any other fundraising events we can.  If you would like to help us help the RSPCA we have a RSPCA Paws Fundraising Box at reception for your donations.

Million Paws Walk 2011

Toowoomba Veterinary Hospital Treating Pets Like Family