Radiology for pets

What is radiology?

Digital radiology refers to X-rays which may be taken of your pet after a thorough physical examination. This can be done to determine various issues such as dental problems, broken bones, obstructions and more. Unless it is an emergency most times you pet is admitted at the beginning of the day as most radiographs are done under anaesthesia so that your pet is completely still during the procedure. For some pets, sedation may be recommended instead.

How does radiography work?

The X-rays penetrate tissues and bones etc. to differing degrees. This allows for a diagnostic picture showing the bones, tissues, organs and so forth and will usually show up anomalies such as an obstruction, broken bone or fracture and various other issues. This system allows for many problems to be diagnoses without the need for invasive surgery. Some of the issues that are checked using radiography includes heart disease and lung problems, bladder stones, fractured