Dermatology services for pets

What is meant by dermatology in relation to a pet?

There are many diseases that can affect the skin of an animal.  Many of the symptoms are very similar and it takes expertise to diagnose the issues correctly and get the animal on to the correct treatment to allow for healing. Dermatology is related directly to the skin. The skin is only able to react in a limited number of ways. Various tests can be done to determine the actual problem and to develop a treatment plan for your furry friend.

Why worry about an itchy skin?

An itchy skin can be the start of a more serious condition or a symptom of something else. Besides being uncomfortable for your pet, they may also scratch and bite the skin to try and stop the itching, resulting in wounds and pain as well as inflammation. Itchy skin is just one dermatological condition that could be caused by a wide variety of bacteria and viruses or even as a result of allergies. In the clinic, a number of tests can be done to find the cause and suggest a treatment plan to help your pet feel better and hopefully more comfortable.