This desk is where you will find the smiling face of one of our Receptionists on your arrival. This is where you will check-in for an appointment or to admit your pet for surgery.

If you would like to purchase any pet care products, please speak to one of the receptionists. They are very knowledgeable on all the products we stock, and we can even arrange next day delivery on most special orders. We stock a variety of intestinal worming, heartworming, flea and tick prevention products.

Waiting Room

We have a large waiting room including a small childrens play area, and also a section for those waiting with cats who may be a little stressed from visiting the vet! Our waiting room is where you will find a complete range of Hills Science and Prescription Diet foods, dental care, shampoos, collars, harnesses, leads and a range of other pet care accessories. We also have information available on nutrition, vaccinations, common parasites, pet insurance and pet behaviour.

Consultation Rooms

We have 3 consultation rooms, a Dog room, Cat room and a third room for Nurse Consultations and discharging hospitalised patients. All the rooms are fully equipped to conduct a thorough clinical examination of your pet.

Our cat consult room contains a pheromone diffuser that helps cats to relax. We realise a trip to the vet can be very stressful for our feline friends so we do everything we can to make sure your pet’s visit is as stress-free as possible.


Our pharmacy is located behind the reception area and is where we store all our large and small animal prescription medications. These drugs can only be dispensed by a vet once they have seen your pet.

Radiography Suite

We have a brand new high frequency Xray machine, the VET APR as well as a digital Xray processing system, the Scan-X. The quality of the images we are obtaining from this system are amazing, making diagnostics so much more accurate. The digital images can be manipulated after the Xray is taken to ensure the correct exposures for examining both bone structures and soft tissues, so we are exposing our patients and staff to less radiation. An advantage of the digital system we have is that all the Xray images are saved on our hard drive but we can burn you a copy on cd or email the image to you so you can show the family or refer to it later. It also means that we don’t have to wait for “snail mail” when referring xrays to specialists, we can send them a copy of the image within minutes. The Scan-X machine integrates with our Practice Management software so when we open your pet’s history in the consult room the xray images will be attached to their file and available with a mouse click. Also, we will no longer have to worry about the use and disposal of chemicals in the developing process making it an eco-friendly alternative to the old film xrays.

The new Xray machine has an infinitely adjustable head, and we have the option of using small intra-oral plates which makes it ideal for taking dental Xrays. This is making the diagnosis of tooth root abscesses, retained tooth roots and other dental problems much easier.

We also have in house ultrasound facilities available.


One of our most exciting in house pathology machines is our Idexx in-house blood biochemistry analyser. This allows us to rapidly perform essential biochemical and electrolyte tests 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So if your pet comes in sick over the weekend, we have answers in a few minutes instead of waiting until Monday afternoon for results from an external laboratory. It has also streamlined pre-anaesthetic blood testing, we can draw as little as 1ml of blood when your pet is admited for surgery and be assured that they do not have any hidden medical issues before we give them their anaesthetic.
We also perform urine and faecal analysis in this area and have a multi-purpose microscope for examining skin, blood and ear smears as well as tissue cells.

Treatment Room

The treatment room is the hub of the hospital where treatment of hospitalised patients takes place as well as non-sterile procedures such as dental work, bandage changes, tick clips and abscess surgeries. In this area we have two treatment tables, including a wet procedures table which is made of stainless steel and has a large tub sink underneath meaning the area can be easily cleaned and disinfected between procedures. The treatment room is home to our mobile anaesthetic, oxygen and dental machines. We also keep our intensive care and surgical recovery patients in the treatment room as it allows for them to be closely monitored. This area is also used for sterilising equipment using the autoclave, and packing kits for surgeries.


The theatre is the room in which we perform all our sterile surgical procedures such as desexing prodedures, lump removals and orthopaedic procedures. Animals are prepared for surgery in the treatment room and are moved into the surgery room once they have been clipped and prepared with antiseptic solutions and connected to a dedicated surgery anaesthetic machine. A nurse works with a vet through all procedures to monitor the animal closely while under anaesthetic and through to recovery.

Hospital Wards – Dog & Cat

As well as the ICU and recovery cages in the treatment room we also have dedicated dog and cat wards for hospitalised and boarding patients.

Like our Cat Consultation room, the cat ward contains a Feliway pheromone diffuser to help hospitalised cats to feel as relaxed as possible.

Hospitalised patients are fed Hills Science or Prescription Diet food depending on their dietary requirements and dogs that are well enough are taken outside for toilet breaks regularly throughout the day.